Dental Insurance

A dental insurance can help you with some part of the expenditure for basic dental screenings and tests. We accept a number of dental insurances at our Philadelphia office which benefits patients and their families. Though dental insurance can be helpful when obtaining dental care, it is important to note that your insurance coverage does not dictate what your dental needs are. Make an appointment and meet our Dentist in Philadelphia to get a thorough dental check up.

Our dental treatment focuses on the well-being of our valued patients and nothing else. During your visit, our dentist Dr. Parikh performs a thorough oral examination. We look for signs of decay, gum problems and other oral health problems. We take necessary steps to prevent or cure the dental infection and improve your oral health. Your dental insurance may or may not cover most of these treatments. We focus on what is good for your oral health and recommend treatments accordingly. It is important for you to remember that these treatments can save a lot of effort, money and time by avoiding dental problems, which in the absence of proper dental care, may arise in the future.

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