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Emergency Wisdom Tooth Removal

Adults who didn’t have their wisdom teeth removed may one day find themselves in the middle of a dental emergency. Impacted wisdom teeth are painful and dangerous to your oral health. We perform emergency wisdom tooth removal at our Dentistry for Life office in Center City and schedule appointments seven days a week so you never have to suffer longer than necessary with a dental emergency.
Emergency Wisdom Tooth Removal

What Is a Wisdom Tooth Emergency?

For most adults, there is simply not enough room in their jaw to accommodate third molars. Other teeth are in the way. The location of wisdom teeth – crammed into the back of your jaw – can also cause them to be horizontally aligned or angled. If they’re not in the proper position, wisdom teeth can’t erupt, and that leads to impacted wisdom teeth.

When a tooth is impacted, it can be partially erupted or still under the gum line, causing painful but sometimes invisible problems. Symptoms of an impacted wisdom tooth can include:

  • Jaw pain or stiffness
  • Gum swelling or inflammation
  • Gum infection
  • Sensitivity
  • Shifting teeth

When teens see their Center City dentist regularly and have x-rays taken annually, they are monitored for the eruption of their wisdom teeth. Recommendations for removal of the third molars are made when it is clear the teeth could eventually cause oral health problems. Sometimes the best move is to remove the teeth long before they can erupt.

However, not every patient acts on this diagnosis. The result? An adult who is afflicted with partially erupted, infected, or impacted wisdom teeth, creating the need for emergency wisdom tooth removal.

Complications of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth, once they start causing problems, will never self-correct. In fact, they could wreak some major havoc if you wait too long to address their presence.

  • Misalignment: Think of the time and investment in braces that you or your teen went through. Impacted wisdom teeth can ruin all that careful alignment.
  • Damage: When a wisdom tooth begins to push against the second molar, it can damage that tooth – above or below the gum line. This pressure can crowd teeth and, if you haven’t had orthodontics already, create a need for braces to straighten the other teeth.
  • Infection: The sac within which the wisdom tooth develops in the jawbone can fill with fluid and form a cyst that can damage the teeth, jawbone, and nerves.
  • Decay: Wisdom teeth, whether fully or only partially erupted, are harder to clean because of their location in the mouth, allowing bacteria and food particles to get and remain trapped. Ultimately, decay sets in and, without intervention, could develop into gum disease or other infections that require more aggressive treatment.

Why Do People Have Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth get their name because they usually appear in a person’s late teens or early 20s, a time when they are, presumably, “wiser” than in childhood when other permanent teeth erupt. The general belief is that wisdom teeth were once important to survival.

Tooth loss was likely common among early men and women who had no concept of good oral health. These “extra” molars could have easily moved into any holes created by lost teeth to make it possible for early men and women to continue to chew. Evolution is the most reasonable explanation for the modern irrelevance of wisdom teeth.

Get Help in Center City for Your Emergency Wisdom Tooth Removal

Some of our patients never have any difficulty with their wisdom teeth. Others experience serious pain and infection from troublesome wisdom teeth that were not removed in adolescence. If you need emergency wisdom tooth removal, contact our Center City office to schedule an emergency dental appointment. We have office hours seven days a week so you feel confident that dental care is available whenever you need it.

If you have a dental emergency, Contact Dentistry for Life right now at 215-960-9350.

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