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Choose Botox to Enhance Your Smile Makeover. Botox is so much more than a cosmetic enhancement.

In the hands of the qualified dentists at Dentistry for Life in Philadelphia smile makeover can transform your appearance along with personalized and targeted Botox treatments. When used in conjunction, the pair work miracles to renew your confidence and make you look younger. At Dentistry for Life we strive to provide the best Botox Philadelphia has to offer.

Why Botox and Dentistry Go Together

If your teeth are in disrepair, you know how much a broken-down smile affects your self-esteem. Upgrading your smile is a life-altering choice that will dramatically improve your opinion of yourself and impact how others see you too.

One of the services we offer that can make your cosmetic dentistry or restorative dentistry look better than it already does is Botox. Consider a cosmetic dentistry treatment like porcelain veneers.

When we customize the thin, porcelain shields in color and shape and place them over your existing tooth enamel, they plump the lips out slightly. For people who have reached an age when lip collagen is slowly seeping away, this boost is welcome. If you’ve chosen a restorative dentistry solution like dental implants, you already know that the shape of your face can be impacted by a missing tooth.

The implant stimulates and supports the jaw, preventing any chance of a compressed look over time. Now, imagine complementing these treatments with Botox, which minimizes fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth and plumps skin. For many of our patients in Philadelphia Botox and cosmetic dentistry are the fountain of youth.

Beyond the obvious cosmetic perks, this treatment also has medical uses. If you suffer from a TMJ problem, grind and clench your teeth, have orofacial pain, or are having difficulty adjusting to dentures, at Dentistry for Life in Phildelphia Botox can be used to help treat and minimize discomfort.

Botox Philadelphia

How Botox Works

You may have considered Botox because you’ve heard about its immediate, effective results, but you may not know exactly how the treatment works.

Botox is made of botulinum toxin. When injected into the facial muscles, it blocks the communication between your muscles and nerves. This prevents the muscles from contracting, smoothing wrinkles and boosting collagen.

You can get Botox at our Philadelphia dental office whether you’re undergoing cosmetic dentistry or not. An injection can manage wrinkles around your lips, smooth out the worry lines on your forehead and those pesky wrinkles between your eyes, minimize crow’s feet, and reduce laugh lines. One Botox treatment usually lasts for about three to four months.

Visit Your Philadelphia Cosmetic Dentist for Botox

At Dentistry for Life, our goal is to make you mouth healthy, your teeth beautiful, and your confidence soar. A good smile is everything, and with this amazing accessory you can have an amazing life, professionally, socially, and romantically.

If your smile makeover makes you happy, but you crave to look even better and younger, it’s time to talk about Botox. Contact us today to discuss the Botox procedure as a solo treatment or find out how it can be used alongside your cosmetic or restorative dentistry.

Your Philadelphia Dentist Is One of the Best People to Administer Botox

Who else but dentists have advanced training and expertise in the oral and maxillofacial areas? We carefully and safely deliver targeted anesthetic injections to our patients’ cranial nerves daily. Our intimate knowledge of the musculature and anatomy of the face, neck, and head make us uniquely qualified to administer as an injectable cosmetic treatment and an effective medical solution for mouth and jaw pain.

Also essential to successful Botox injections is careful analysis of a patient’s appearance to provide them with the most balanced and flattering results. We know how your face will change with the cosmetic dentistry treatments you select, and we understand how your teeth and soft tissue affect each other. Botox is a logical supplement to a smile upgrade, so you can look natural, younger, and happier.

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