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implant dentistryImplant Dentistry

You don’t need to live with missing teeth when there are secure implant dentistry solutions to complete your smile. At Dentistry for Life in Center City, we offer the most advanced and innovative dental restorations for patients who are missing just a few teeth or an entire arch of teeth. Find out what implant dentistry procedure is the right one to fix your broken-down smile.

Understanding Implant Dentistry

Dentures and dental bridges do a fine job of replacing missing teeth. Implant dentistry, however, takes tooth replacement to a whole new level, offering a permanent solution for Philadelphia dental patients.

It’s so important to replace not only the crown of a tooth – the part that is visible above the gum line – but also the root system. When a tooth is lost, whether by extraction, gum disease, or trauma, the roots go along with it, leaving the jawbone unstimulated. If multiple teeth are missing, especially in the same part of the mouth, the jaw will eventually begin to deteriorate. The telltale sign of extensive tooth loss is a compressed-looking mouth or shrunken jaw.

When dental implants are surgically implanted, the healing process includes the fusing of the implant to the jawbone. This secures the implant in place and takes the place of the absent tooth root. After the surgical area is completely healed – a progression that usually takes a few months – the customized prosthetic tooth is permanently fixed in place.

Implant dentistry fills the hole left by a missing tooth both above and below the gumline – permanently. You will have a complete smile after any implant surgery – and a healthy, restored smile.

We offer three implant dentistry options at Dentistry for Life:

  • Dental Implants: Secure and strong, dental implant posts are made of either titanium or zirconium. If you have healthy bone volume and healthy gums, the dental implant will be surgically placed in the gum and given time to integrate into the bone. When the prosthetic tooth is attached, it will look and feel like a natural tooth.
  • Implant Overdenture: Many of our patients are wary of removable dentures and adhesives and what their smile will look like with this tooth replacement solution. With an implant overdenture, you get all the benefits of dentures and dental implants in one. The implant rods are placed in the jaw and the denture is attached to the implants. The palate element of traditional dentures is eliminated, which means there is nothing covering the top of your mouth or interrupting your sense of taste.
  • Teeth in a Day: If you have lost all the teeth on the top or on the bottom of your mouth, the teeth-in-a-day procedure involves the placement of four to eight dental implants across the arch. The “in a day” portion of this treatment comes into play in that the day your implants are surgically implanted you also go home with temporary prosthetic teeth covering the rods. Your smile will be complete while you wait for the surgical area to heal, at which time fixed bridges will be fitted and secured in place.

Creating Healthy Mouths and Replacing Missing Teeth

One of the main reasons people have missing teeth is gum disease. When this affliction is so severe that teeth become loose and fall out, the periodontal disease will need to be treated before any dental restorations can happen. You need a healthy mouth to ensure that implant dentistry is successful.

At Dentistry for Life, we carefully look at your mouth through x-rays and other scans and a thorough exam to ensure that you are a good candidate for implant dentistry. If you want to replace missing teeth permanently and have a smile that looks and feels completely natural, schedule your appointment at our Center City office today.



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