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A missing tooth interrupts your smile and its absence draws the eye. If you’re embarrassed to show your teeth, there are several dental restorations that can fill the hole in your smile – at Dentistry for Life in Philadelphia dental bridges are offered as a solution.

At Dentistry for Life, we carefully customize dental bridges in color, shape, and size so they look like your natural teeth. We secure the bridge in place for an effective solution that lets you bite, chew, speak, and smile confidently.

How Dental Bridge Works

Whether you lost a tooth because of an extraction, mouth trauma, gum disease, or otherwise, a dental bridge is an easy and long-lasting dental repair.

Dental bridges form a connection between two teeth, filling the hole created by a missing tooth. Metal clasps on either end of the bridge are attached to the teeth that neighbor the empty area. We then anchor the clasps and entire bridge using tooth-colored porcelain crowns, further solidifying the restoration.

The prosthetic tooth that fills the gap, also known as a pontic, is fixed in place in the middle of the bridge, substituting for the missing tooth and completing your smile. The composition of a dental bridge is usually porcelain fused to ceramic or porcelain fused to metal. Both options offer great durability and strength.

Dental Brdiges Philadelphia

The Importance of Replacing Missing Teeth

So many of our patients who have a missing tooth are upset about how this problem ruins the appearance of their smile. Missing teeth can also get in the way of eating and speaking, not to mention impact your confidence when you’re hyper-aware of a hole in your smile.

Yes, a missing tooth is an aesthetic issue, but that’s not the only complication. If a hole is left in your smile, your remaining teeth will eventually begin to shift to fill in the space. This drifting is not only unsightly, it can also cause tissue damage and lead to misalignment. At Dentistry for life we know that one missing tooth can wreak havoc on your oral health, that's why we strive to provide the best dental bridges Philadelphia has to offer.

Dental Bridges Philadelphia

Patients with missing teeth arrive at their current situation for varying circumstances. Maybe they were in a car accident or suffered a sports injury that knocked out their tooth or caused enough damage that the tooth had to be pulled. A tooth infection, abscess, or jawbone deterioration may call for an extraction.

Gum disease could have loosened the tooth and caused it to fall out. To be a good candidate for a dental bridge, the cause of your missing tooth is considered. If you have periodontal disease, after all, this problem will need to be cleared up first before any dental restoration can get underway.

If the location of your missing tooth prevents a bridge from being an option, other repairs will need to be considered, like dental implants. Your smile goals will play a big part in guiding us toward the best restoration for your smile.

Your budget, willingness to spend time with our Philadelphia cosmetic dentists, and overall oral health are all important. Dental bridges are reliable and less-invasive than some other tooth-replacement options, making this an attractive option for many of our patients. Ultimately, we want to give you a healthy, complete smile that looks beautiful and functions perfectly. A dental bridge is often the path to success.

Get a Dental Bridge in Philadelphia

Find out whether your missing teeth can be replaced with a dental bridge and learn about all possible tooth restorations at Dentistry for Life. Allow us the privilege of restoring your smile to its proper strength and beauty.

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