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Patient Testimonials

Everyone in the office was super friendly and nice. There was virtually no wait time. I was given a free x-ray since my insurance wouldn’t cover it. The doctors walked me through the procedure of removing my wisdom teeth, scheduled it for two days later, and I was done. I am very impressed by the office, decor, people, and competency. I highly recommend them!

- Aya Salem

This office deserves more than 5 stars! It is centrally located and clean, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing on the inside. The staff and the hygienists are personable and professional and do a great job. During my most recent visit, my hygienist Angela gave me an awesome cleaning and addressed all my concerns. Doctor Patel and Doctor Kunal are absolutely incredible. Their bedside manner is unparalleled. They are excellent at what they do and their respective expertise in oral health and aesthetics makes for a wonderful team. They put their patients first, and will always make time to schedule you for an appointment. The first time I saw them, I called the day-of with an urgent concern, and they saw me the next afternoon. Top-notch practice for anyone seeking a new dentist with outstanding results.

- Ashley DiLiberto

If you are like me, having spent your entire life being anxious about visiting the dentist, whether due to childhood trauma or other, fear no more. At Dentistry For Life, Dr. Parikh and his team are simply the most amazing dental professionals you will ever encounter! From the moment you enter the office, you are greeted with warm, friendly smiles by front desk staff. This initial gesture alone makes you feel less inhibited about your visit. Dr. Parikh is friendly, gentle, caring and professional. He takes time to genuinely listen to and discuss any concerns you may have regarding your dental care. So, if you’re afraid of needles, like I am, be assured that you will be comfortable with Dr. Parik and his team. I highly recommend the office of Dentistry for Life to everyone looking for an awesome dental experience!

- Toni Phoenix

I just want to thank all the staff at Dentistry for Life FL they are beyond the best! The hygienist Angela is amazing and cleans your teeth to perfection. Dr Parikh is very calming. I have always been scared to go to the dentist since my bad experience, when I was 16, with local anesthesia, Dr. Parikh and Sarah talked me through the whole procedure of 4 feelings. The front staff is very welcoming and also contributed to my great experience. I highly recommend this practice for any one who may be afraid I promise you will leave feeling brave just like myself.

- Teaira Johnson

The whole team was very polite, helpful and professional. They were friendly and made me feel very welcomed. I had an awesome time there with it being my first time but I love it and I’m always going there for all my dental needs. Thank you Drs. Parikh & Patel and the entire staff for making me feel welcome! Can't wait for my new smile. Love you guys!

- Satisfied Patient

Dentistry for life has once again provided a great experience. My smile continues to look beautiful. The customer service and excellent experience they provide is beyond anyone’s expectations. I recommend them to all my friends and family.

- Satisfied Patient

New to Philly and have been on the hunt for the perfect dental care, after a very extensive search I think I’ve found it. Had my first appointment and I am pleased. The office is Zen…from the front desk to the frontline of teeth defense everyone is extremely professional w/top notch customer service and patient care. I’m excited as well as looking forward to my personalized dental health care plan.

- Delicia Lloyd

Dentistry for Life is second to none. Dr. Parikh and Dr. Patel are the Jay Z and Beyonce of dentistry. The atmosphere is on another level. And, lastly, the Dr. Parikh and Dr. Patel are surrounded by an Allstar staff. Professional and kind. You are in excellent hands when you go to Dentistry for Life. Thank you so much Dr. Patel and Dr. Parikh, including your exemplary staff for the card my family received during this time of bereavement of my brother. Your words are kind, soothing and appreciative. Thank you!

- James Anderson

I actually ran across dfl looking for another dentist, but the two doctors were so kind and helpful I decided to go here. I am so glad I did, the Dr. was super helpful, she spent time addressing all my concerns and even did a same day filling so I didn’t have to come back. Their office is super nice as well and the receptionists were very helpful too.

- Morgan Bale

25 years since I’ve seen a dentist so naturally I had concerns and questions on my Dental Plan and how Dentistry for Life will handle my dental needs. They treated me with utmost respect and explained step by step what I needed and how they would like to proceed, with my approval, to improve my dental health. I left the office with confidence that I am in good hands. Never thought I would say this about a Dentist but I look forward to returning to continue my dental needs.

- Juanito Peter Olivo

I got my wisdom teeth pulled 11 days ago. The doctor was very gentle and extremely careful. I did not feel pain during the procedure at all. The pain after the extraction was manageable. The office also called me a couple of times to make sure that everything was okay. And I would definitely recommend Dr. Kunal Parikh for any procedure.

- Lulwah Alrashed

Do you value ease of getting an appointment when it fits your schedule? Do you like not waiting long to be seen? How about not being rushed through your treatment? Even better… not fretting over an uncomfortable cleaning or getting through a filling with ease of mind and body. I get to steer my care plan with my dentists without letting the insurance dictate treatment. My mouth stays healthy and I know I will not be addressing bigger problems on the back end. I make my dental care a priority and some things are just worth it. Dentistry for Life allows me to have a different mindset and superior outcome in maintaining my oral health.

- Marysusan Villa

A few months ago I went to Dentistry For Life for a second opinion, thinking I would have a quick ten minute visit just to hear the same news. Boy was I wrong. Everyone is patient, caring, and thorough. My experience thus far has been nothing but AMAZING. I’m super excited about my implant and look forward to having two more. The doctors made sure I understood each step of the process and were very patient with me during times I was not clear or indecisive. I can truly say I will be a patient here for life!!! Thanks guys for everything!

- Shieisha Vance

This was truly the best dentist experience I have ever had in my life. I have always been really nervous to go to the dentist due to just standard fears, but the second I walked into their BEAUTIFUL Philadelphia office, I was immediately at ease. Dr. Patel was so kind and helpful and the entire staff genuinely seemed happy that I was there. It was really nice to be at the dentist without any judgement from not going in so long. I am thrilled that I have finally found a dentist that I will consistently go to in the future! If you are an anxious, nervous or scared person from the dentist, they can and will change your mind. They want to empower you to have your best smile and guide you on how to do so.

- Brittany Istenes

The care I’ve received at Dentistry for Life has been far and away the best I’ve experienced in any dentist office. The staff is lovely; they are kind and extremely professional. They’ll take the time to explain procedures to you, both medically and financially, leaving the patient feeling in control of the process (which, as someone who’s quite scared of dentists, is very important to me). From the big things like getting me an appointment the same day for a bad wisdom tooth, to the small things like providing stress balls and letting you pick the music during extractions, Dentistry for Life has your bases covered. Not to mention I had a wisdom tooth removed (inflamed, lower jaw, difficult extraction) and the area was healed and good as new within two weeks. Amazing work by Dr. Parikh, thanks for all the help.

- Jody Salani

I had an incredible experience as a new patient at Dentistry For Life. Dr. Parikh & Dr. Patel, as well as their entire staff, truly care about their patients. They take the anxiety and fear of the dentist completely away. Their professionalism and thoroughness during my visit will definitely have me going back!

- Satisfied Patient

I’m from San Jose and in Philly for business. During my trip I experienced a broken inner crown leaving an exposed knife-like edge. It was painful and distinctively painful! Dentistry for Life’s review stated they’d do emergency procedures. They do. In fact we were able to work me in within a 1 hour notice and fully smooth down the exposed edge prior to my flight. Drs. Kunal Parikh and Patel run a great office and his dental practices are top notch. I urge all Philadelphians to consider for top notch services, practices and administrative efficiency.

- Jeffrey Brooks

I found Dentistry For Life after a co-worker recommended this group to me – and after I had a few not-so-positive experiences with other local dentists in Philly. Like most people, I had the same dentist for 20+ years, so finding a new one to trust and feel at ease with proved to be a little harder than I had thought. I went in for a consultation with Dr. Parikh after a previous dentist told me I had 11 cavities- which unfortunately turned out to be true, but Dr. Parikh kindly and reassuringly walked me through what the process would be to get me to a point of comfort and an end goal of a healthy mouth that I could just maintain. Everyone in the office is really kind and helpful and it’s definitely a place I see becoming my go-to as long as I’m living in the city. They’re very forward-thinking and passionate about their dental work and promote health as a primary focus. Happy with my journey there and look forward to being a patient long term!

- Kiersten Aldridge

The entire staff at Dentistry for Life was incredibly professional and courteous. You can tell they genuinely care about their patients! Dr. Parikh actually listened to my concerns and issues and really made me feel comfortable during my procedure. I typically have high anxiety during dental visits and this visit gave me an entirely new perspective on going to the dentist. He turned on music to calm me down, gave me a stress ball to squeeze, and let me take a break anytime I needed. He actually takes the time to listen to a patient’s needs! I honestly see going to the dentist in a whole new light, and for that, I want to thank the entire staff! I would absolutely recommend going to this office to anyone!

- Jacquelyn Twigg

My experience started with Dentistry For Life when I called yesterday afternoon about a filling falling out and they scheduled me an appointment that day of. Dr. Patel and Rubin performed a root canal on that very tooth today with masterful work. The process did not take long at all, and they took excellent care of me. While it appears they focus on their skill set of dental work, this practice has customer satisfaction as their bedrock –they really see things from the patient’s perspective! I highly recommend Dentistry For Life for anyone in the Philadelphia area.

- Garret M.

My boyfriend cracked his tooth yesterday and I called this morning,someone referred us, he was a new patient, and they came in just for us at 11 am and ended up having to do an emergency root canal. My boyfriend has a lot of anxiety about dentists and they made him feel at ease and comfortable. Dr Patel and Dr Parikh were incredibly nice and accommodating. We are definitely going to come back!

- Ann B

Heather, my hygienist, today gave me the most thorough cleaning I’ve ever had. She’s gentle, meticulous, pleasant, and gave great pointers! If you’re afraid of the dentist, try Heather, Dr. Patel and Dr. Parikh- they are the most caring, knowledgeable, and talented team you’ll ever have the privilege of experiencing. I work in center city and this office also works with my schedule to get me in during my lunch or right after work. I appreciate this so much. I’m proud to say Dentistry For Life Philadelphia is my Dentist for Life.

- Ajit P

One of THE best dentist offices in the city. I absolutely love this place. Everyone is very nice, there’s a great vibe, & it’s very clean. They took me in as an emergency patient fairly quick & I was in and out. No delays to my treatment. I’m switching to them for primary care. Definitely recommend this place.

- Nashae B

The best dental office I have ever been to! Drs. Parikh and Patel are so nice and welcoming! The office staff are wonderful, Stephanie, Maria and Leang! Heather, the dental hygienist is GREAT! Everyone made me feel so comfortable! So professional! I love it there! Best dentist!

- Satisfied Patient

Best dentist I’ve been to EVER. I came in with a toothache and didn’t know what was going on, but when I got to my appointment I realized my insurance didn’t cover dental. Dr. Parikh still saw me to make sure there was nothing serious going on. He even wrote me a prescription to help with the pain. I was so appreciative for all his help even though he knew I didn’t have any insurance and couldn’t afford it. The receptionist even provided me with affordable options if I wanted to ever come back. I was able to get insurance and remembered the kindness I was shown by the staff at Dentistry For Life and decided to make this my permanent dentist. Extremely kind and helpful staff.

- Taiwo A

Next level professionalism here. Dr. Parikh has been handling my situation. He is a total pro, and took the time to explain my options thoroughly. Right from the jump you feel completely confident in his abilities and knowledge. The rest of the staff is outstanding, very friendly. Dr. Patel seems great as well. I talked to her for a bit as she stopped by the room I was in just to check in and say hello. The dental hygienist was top notch. Five star cleaning. You can tell these doctors are committed to a vision for what excellence is in this field. Do yourself and the people you care about a favor and lock in Dentistry for Life as your dental team going forward. These doctors and their staff are the real deal.

- Joe K

Highly, highly recommended. I couldn’t be happier that I chose this place to go for my root canal. I was in pain, stressed out, and anxious when I called, 15 minutes before they even opened–and they answered. It was clear that the person on the other end of the line was extremely professional, caring, and knowledgeable about dental work. They were the only place I called that asked about my pain and what meds I was using to treat it, and assured me that they would help me feel better. They even offered to come in on their afternoon off and scheduled me for a Sunday, just one day after I called, which I did. The appointment itself really calmed my anxieties. As a young (cis)woman, it can be hard to find medical professionals who talk to you without any trace of condescension and take you seriously. I was incredibly refreshed by both doctors. Both Dr. Patel and Dr. Parikh were extremely attentive throughout, telling me all the details about the procedure and answering my questions. They worked very well together as a team. I was glad that before we got started Dr. Parikh told me to raise my hand as a signal if I felt any pain so that I felt heard. The room was calm and relaxing, I was given a stress ball for my nerves, and before I knew it it was over! If you’re stressed about the dentist go here!

- Maddie H

Dentistry for Life is absolutely amazing! I HIGHLY recommend them for anyone who suffers from anxiety about going to the dentist. They make you feel at home and insanely comfortable! They will be my dental home forever!

- Satisfied Patient

I live in Bergen County NJ and have been searching for a dentist due to my severe anxiety. My daughter, who is a student in Philly, was in need of a dentist. I was very vigilant in my search checking reviews. I came upon Dentistry for Life. After her experience she insisted I take the two hour trip to Philly. I was so nervous but after my initial visit with Dr Parikh, I felt a sense of calmness and trust. I finally had my first appointment. Dr Parikh and his staff made sure I was so comfortable as they began my sedation. After the work was completed, they made certain I was fine to be released. I was so happy and relieved to hear all he had completed and did not feel a thing. This practice is fantastic and I have an appointment tomorrow and have absolutely no anxiety. I write this review with immense gratitude and relief!

- Barbara C.

What a great dental office. Drs. Parikh and Patel are very professional and caring. No matter what procedure they are performing they always make sure you are OK and comfortable during the procedure. Also their staff is very caring and professional from the office staff to my hygienist. I would recommend this office to anyone looking for great dental care and to people who have a fear of dentists. Great practice and great people!

- James C.

First time I walked through the door I knew that I didn’t want to just come here for a one time visit. The customer service I got from the receptionist, financial rep, to the most talented dr. Patel. They all do an amazing job with making you very comfortable and the experience not just any dentist visit. I’ve had the pleasure of getting serviced by them four times already and everytime has been fantastic. I strongly recommend this family orientated dentist to any one with any dental problems!

- Quadir

I love Dentistry for Life. It’s always a pleasant atmosphere. The staff go above and beyond to make sure you are comfortable and the support staff is helpful as well as friendly. This is coming from a person with high anxiety about dental procedures due to bad experiences at another dental facility.

- Satisfied Patient

I hate to get wordy so I’ll try to keep this short I have the worst dental phobia of anybody I know I’ve had teeth that are a mess 4 over 30 years going to several different dental offices and finally I found Dentistry For Life can’t imagine going anywhere else the staff and the doctors or phenomenal the work they were able to do for me was outstanding and to just tell them thank you does no justice for how they treated me I would have to recommend them to anyone and everyone who needs a dentist. I am so blown away that I’m not curled up in a ball in pain like I have been in the past. This office is the best. Most sincerely a happy patient.

- Patricia Cooper

The very first time I went to dentistry for life it was for an emergency root canal on a Sunday afternoon. I have an extreme fear of dentists, but these guys were amazing. They made sure I was calm, there was not even the slightest bit of pain, and they fixed it in one sitting. I recommend this place to everyone!

- Judith C.

One of THE best dentist offices in the city. I absolutely love this place. Everyone is very nice, there’s a great vibe, & it’s very clean. They took me in as an emergency patient fairly quick & I was in and out. No delays to my treatment. I’m switching to them for primary care. Definitely recommend this place.

- Nashae B

Friendly staff and dentists, conscientious scheduling, and a relaxing atmosphere to put you at ease. Haven’t been to the dentist regularly in a few years but they were able to walk me through the paperwork and financial aspects as well as offer practical advice. They also do cosmetic dentistry. A great practice, gonna stick with these folks for a while.

- Thu-Han T.

Everyone at Dentistry for Life exhibits a high level of professionalism, while being caring and concerned for the welfare of the patient. The office is beautiful and has a warm and friendly atmosphere!

- Satisfied Patient, M. Swan

THE best dental practice EVER! I’ve been a patient with Dentistry for Life for many years and I wouldn’t trade my experience for anything in the world! They take excellent care of me and my smile. Since coming here, I actually look forward to my dental appointments!

- Satisfied Patient

I had just moved to Philadelphia, had not found a dentist yet, and broke a tooth. Doctors Patel and Parikh rearranged their schedules to see me the same day. They explained clearly what was going on, what they proposed to do, and how to prevent it from happening again.

- Satisfied Patient

Amazing experience with every member of this team! I used to hate visiting the dentist before I was introduced to DFL through a close friend! I’ve since then referred all my family and friends to them… simply the best! Thanks again Dr Parikh and Dr Patel!

- Satisfied Patient

There is no better dental office east of the Mississippi thanks Dentistry For Life. The focus, personalization, dedication, and commitment shown by Dr. Patel & Dr. Parikh is unmatched. Combined they perform incredible work while making you feel comfortable and right at home. I recommend you make them your Dentists for Life.

- Satisfied Patient

They really are the best dental office out there. All the staff are friendly and do their best to make ya comfortable. From past horrifying experiences the anxiety was ridiculous, but after going to Dentistry For Life there are no more worries. Thanks for the best care out there!

- Satisfied Patient

I had a dental emergency in Africa and had to get an implant which was a very stressful experience but the staff at Dentistry For Life really helped me out. They were great from everything to getting me in fast for an appointment to using the most modern techniques for implants. I had a lot of work done here and will definitely return in the future. Thanks so much guys!

- Jazmine R.

I would highly recommend Dentistry for Life. I was having extreme tooth pain and went a different dentist at first. The first dentist misdiagnosed the issue and overcharged me. Dr. Parikh at Dentistry for Life correctly diagnosed the tooth pain and was able to immediately address the issue. Dr. Parikh always listens and fully answers all of my questions. He always helps me feel at ease, and is always very understanding of any questions I have. Both Dr. Parikh and Dr. Patel are very nice and friendly. They always greet me in the waiting room, which is something my previous dentists have never done. The staff are also very helpful and always kind. I have full confidence in the abilities of Dentistry for Life.

- Mehjabeen A.

Everything you should expect from a dental appointment, you will get here, plus. My teeth and mouth were thoroughly checked by both the hygienist and the dentist. Both explained, in detail, what I needed to have done and why, showing me on my x-rays. Gentle, kind, personable, and professional! They truly will be your dentist for life!

- Tina Z.

By far the best, most thorough and compassionate dental care I’ve ever received. I’ve had negative experiences with many dentists over the years, and waited til the last minute to take care of a painful broken tooth. Decided on this office because of the glowing reviews, and they were able to see me right away the morning after I contacted them. From top to bottom, from intake to evaluation to procedure, it was a calming, stress-free experience. I will absolutely continue my care here, and I recommend anyone — especially those with dental phobias — to come to Dentistry For Life without fear. Thanks, Dr’s Parikh and Patel, I’m not afraid of the dentist anymore!

- Rob H.

Best dental experience I’ve ever had. The office staff was so friendly and accommodating. They took me the same day I called for a free second opinion and were even willing to move their schedule around to fit in my procedure that day since I had already taken off work. Dr. Parish explained everything to me in detail to make sure I understood what was going on and explained all of my options thoroughly. My procedure was painless and the doctor checked in with me throughout the hour long procedure multiple times. No pain at all and they were willing to work with me financially to maximize my benefits and pay the least out of pocket. I will definitely be referring my friends and family to here.

- Dana R.

My first visit with Dr. Patel was for a cracked tooth. Dr. Patel was amazing from the beginning. They offered to see me on a Saturday when they are normally closed and I have been pain free ever since! Every appointment has been so easy and Dr. Patel and her staff ( Michelle, Ericka, Reuben and Stacey) take excellent care of you before, after and during your appointment. If you are a sedation patient I absolutely recommend Dr. Patel!

- Amber

I had a horrible experience with an orthodontist about 25 years ago ( the orthodontist pulled two of my teeth without any novocaine) and have since experienced anxiety any time I’ve had to go to a dentist, thereby limiting my visits to the dentist. It had been quite some time since I had been to a dentist and therefore when I went to Dr. Patel, I learned that I needed quite a lot of work. This was all performed yesterday. One of the reasons I picked Dr. Patel was because she performs sedation dentistry. When I got to the office they had me go into a separate area, where I could relax. I was in a lounging chair, given the softest blanket, and then also given the medicine to help me relax. About 20 minutes later I was in the chair getting the work done. They put a mask over my eyes and wrapped me in the blanket. I was there for 5 hours because of all the work I needed to get done. I felt relaxed and comfortable the whole time I was there. I’m so lucky to have found such a wonderful and caring dentist. The office staff is incredible and so understanding. They are wonderful and I would recommend them to everyone!

- Erin

I visited dentistry for life for my smile and two missing front teeth. Dr.Patel took her time going through a treatment plan with me. I ended up having implants and crowns done and I couldn't have been happier with my new smile. Her staff is great. I recommend Dr. Patel and dentistry for life to friends and family.

- Alex

I love the staff at this dentist. I have been a patient for a year now and I am glad we transferred to this dentist. We changed dentists because we did not like the treatment we were receiving at our previous dentist. We started coming to Dentistry 4 life while Dr. Dubin was owner. We were nervous when he told us he sold the practice but Dr. Patel is GREAT! She is so nice and personable. The entire staff at this office is so warm. I have never been to any doctors or dentist office and had an experience like we have at dentistry 4 life. They treat my entire family very well. The treatment is great and they are very thorough with making sure your dental care is spot on.

- Leslie

Dr. Patel and her staff were amazing! I would recommend them in a heartbeat. Excellent service and very friendly. Throughout the entire process- Dr. Patel would explain to me what she was doing to my teeth and the reason for why it was taking place. Dr Patel and her staff truly care about their patients and their oral health!

- Joseph

I have to start by saying that my fiancé is extremely afraid of the dentist and being in dentists’ offices. After a couple of failed attempts to visit other dentists in Philadelphia we came to Dr Patel. We both felt very comfortable immediately. So comfortable, in fact, that my fiancé had her checkup and then scheduled a whitening AND veneers! The whole process went very smoothly and her veneers look amazing! We’ve since moved to South Carolina and will probably travel to Philadelphia for dentists appointments because we’re certain there isn’t a better dentist than Dr Patel.

- Kyle

I just relocated from another city, and thought I was in “good dental shape”. I came to Dr. Patel for a crown, and wanted to establish myself with a dental practice in Philly. Dr. Patel did a thorough examination, prepared a treatment plan, and explained it clearly. Realizing now that I have dental issues that have not been addressed for years, I am confident that I’m now in the best of hands to correct them. Dr. Patel is a true professional, and her amazing team of Leang, Lisa, Nicole and Rubin are just about the friendliest, happiest bunch of folks I’ve encountered in any medical practice, while providing outstanding treatment. THANK YOU for taking such good care of me, guys!

- Perry

Best dental experience in the Philadelphia-area. After trying to find a good dentist since moving from South FL, I couldn’t be happier. I chose to have my Invisalign treatment here because Dr. Patel is so nice, so informative, and never leaves a question for me unanswered (I’m a healthcare professional myself and like to understand what’s best for my teeth). Always quick and on schedule, and have never felt uncomfortable because they do everything to make it a pleasant visit. Prices are very fair and reasonable. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a dentist and/or orthodontics!

- Javier

The entire staff at Dentistry For Life has been wonderful. Realizing after coming to this office I had dental issues that had not been addressed for years with a previous dentist. Now, being in the hands of Dr. Patel, Dr. Parikh, and staff (Nicole, Rubin, Leang, Lisa), I have gone a long way but my teeth are in fantastic shape. For every small to large dental procedure needed Dr. Patel, Dr. Parikh, and staff have been informative, pleasant, and sensitive to me and the work I needed to get done. I am very impressed with all of my procedures at Dentistry For Life (filled cavities, root canals, dental implant, sinus lift, Invisalign, etc.). I have had nothing but positive experiences at Dentistry For Life which is why I will travel close to an hour to this dentist. I am confident I will be receiving excellent dental services. The staff is very understandable about the distance and always work around my schedule. All treatments are outstanding at this office and I wouldn’t want to go to another dentist! Thank you all for bringing my teeth back to health!

- Megan

If you are looking for quality dental services, great patient support, and a beautiful atmosphere this is the office for you! I must begin by admitting that I suffer from EXTREME dental phobia. I have to be sedated even for cleaning. Though there are offices that claim to specialize in this type of care I can assure you that most fall short of truly accommodating fearful patients. Dr. Patel and ALL of her staff work to insure that the patient is comfortable and cared for from the very start. They do not make light of my fear and they make me feel completely at ease, which has greatly improved my overall dental health. I have experienced great progress and I don’t dread the dentist as I did for YEARS. They are very thorough from procedures to billing etc and they are always available to answer any questions. They also participate in Care Credit, which makes services and procedures financially manageable. I have started Invisalign and I am already so pleased with my progress. I cannot thank Dr. Patel and her staff enough for taking such great care of me! I recommend her practice to everyone I know!

- Maura

Dr. Patel does amazing work! I’ve been seeing her for a few years now for regular cleaning, Invisalign, and just completed veneer treatment as well. Dr. Patel is meticulous, patient and really cares about her clients. When she was working on my Invisalign and veneer treatments, she thoroughly explained each step and always made time to address all of my questions, something I have not experienced with other dentists. She even called me back during the holidays when there was an emergency and also followed up the next day to see how I was doing and scheduled for me to come in. The office is always clean, welcoming and you will be greeted with a big smile from all the staff members. I highly recommend Dr. Patel and her team of professionals for all dental care.

- Joi

I am not a “Dentist” person at all. I often put off going till there is some sort of problem. So when I came across this dentist I was skeptical. Walking in on January 21rst 2016 I was immediately greeted by very friendly staff and a relaxing space to wait.When brought back to get some work done this Amazing Dentist took the time to explain and make sure i understood everything that was going on. She was patient, very kind and extremely gentle with me. NOT ONLY THAT but she also noticed i was extra upset this day so i explained to her that My family recently had a tragedy in our lives. On January 19th we lost all our possessions in a horrible house fire. Dr Patel and her amazing staff went beyond with the support and patience and positivity I needed to not only get through the procedure I was facing at the time but also took the time needed to make sure I was capable of continuing on with my day. THIS DENTIST IS THE ONE! Thank you So much Doctor Patel and your FANTASTIC staff! Patient for life and will tell anyone I know who is in need of a Terrific Dentist!

- Christopher

I’ve been going to Dr. Patel’s office after a friend recommended her for Invisalign. She’s out of my network but I still go to her because her staff is always extremely friendly and helpful. Erika helped me with a problem I had that a previous dentist said was just “normal” and couldn’t be fixed! Amazing staff.

- Eden

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