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We help our dental patients find the best dentures Philadelphia has to offer as a teeth replacement solution for their needs. Modern dentures have been refined so they fit securely and comfortably, are easier to care for, and look natural. You can speak, eat, and smile confidently when you wear the dentures Philadelphia cosmetic dentists create at Dentistry for Life.

Dentures Are Reliable Tooth Restorations

Many people missing an entire arch of teeth dread the thought of living with dentures, but dental innovations have made this restoration far more reliable than it has ever been. One of the most important elements of dentures is to get the fit just right.

Through our custom-designed dentures, we give you the smile you have been missing and the strong teeth you need to talk and chew without feeling self-conscious.

Dentures restore the functionality of your entire mouth. They make it possible for you to eat normally, speak with confidence, and smile a natural-looking smile.

Dentures Philadelphia

The reason for tooth loss is an important consideration when determining the denture that’s right for you. If you are missing your teeth because of gum disease, we must ensure first that this infection is eliminated before any restorations can be completed.

If you have lost a tooth to damage or accident, the area will need to be explored to make sure all traces of the tooth root have been removed and there is no damage or trauma to neighboring teeth. If we must remove severely decayed or infected teeth by extraction, the area will be cleaned thoroughly cleaned so it remains healthy and ready for a tooth replacement.

You can have a complete smile again. Learn more about dentures and other dental restorations. Contact Dentistry for Life in Philadelphia to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kimmie Patel or Dr. Kunal Parikh.

Types of Dentures

Choosing the right type of treatment is an essential part of successful tooth restoration. Dentures are available in several different forms, so you can choose the repair that is right for your lifestyle and budget. We will go over all viable options with you and explain what will work best given your current oral health.

The purpose of all dentures is to fill the hole in your smile and give you a complete set of teeth with which to eat and speak so you feel confident about the strength and appearance of your smile.

Full Dentures

Traditional dentures are made of prosthetic teeth and gum tissue. They replace an entire arch of missing teeth. This restoration is proven, but some patients are concerned about reliability. Adhesives may be problematic and there can be discomfort in the beginning. There is a portion of the denture that covers the palate – the roof of your mouth – and this will take some adjustment. If a complete denture is best for you, be reassured that the modern version of this restoration has been refined so it fits as comfortably as possible to give you a fully functional and attractive smile.

Partial Dentures

Patients who are missing several teeth in one area can opt for a partial denture. This restoration is typically secured in place using clasps, so the denture can be removed for cleaning every day. The goal of a partial denture is to prevent neighboring teeth from shifting to fill the hole left behind by missing teeth. A partial denture fixes your smile and is a preventive measure against further dental work.


Implant overdentures combine two tooth replacement procedures in one. In this configuration, dental implants are surgically placed in the jawbone. After the healing process, a denture is attached to the implants for an incredibly strong, long-lasting solution. The denture is removable, so it can be properly cared for, but the palate-covering element of traditional dentures is eliminated and, with it, all possible irritation.

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