Laser Dentistry

in Philadelphia, PA

Laser technology can be used in various areas of dentistry, from the treatment of gum disease to gum reshaping to teeth whitening. Lasers deliver energy in the form of light and can be used as a cutting instrument, tissue vaporizer, or heat source.

At Dentistry for Life in Philadelphia laser dentistry employs cutting-edge technology throughout our entire practice to give our patients the most innovative, effective, long-lasting treatments and exceptional oral health.

Laser Dentistry in Gum Disease Therapy

The root planing and scaling that comprise gum disease therapy is unpleasant for most patients to undergo, but it’s necessary.

Gum disease destroys oral health and leads to teeth loss when left to fester for too long.

At our office in Philadelphia laser dentistry is used to clean the gums and remove bacteria, the treatment can be slightly less painful for some patients. Lasers can also minimize bleeding and swelling during a soft tissue treatment like periodontal therapy.

Many people know when they are suffering from a form of gum disease, but they may avoid visiting the dentist because they’re embarrassed about the condition of their gums or they’re afraid of what treatment will involve. It is possible, however, to clean the gums with less discomfort and faster healing thanks to laser dentistry. At Dentistry for Life we strive to proide you with the best laser dentistry Philadelphia has to offer!

Laser Dentistry Philadelphia

Laser Teeth Whitening

In-office teeth whitening procedures are effective, powerful, and produce long-lasting results. The strong, professional-grade bleaching solution is applied to the surface of the teeth where it is then activated by the heat of laser energy. This technology makes one-hour teeth-whitening treatments possible.

You can always use take-home teeth-whitening trays from your dentist, and they will be effective and deliver impressive results. There is no substituting for the power of laser dentistry, however, even when it comes to cosmetic dentistry treatments like teeth whitening.

Laser Dentistry Philadelphia

People with a gummy smile often look like they’re all gums and very little teeth. A sophisticated dental laser makes the gum recontouring process precise and accurate so excess gum tissue can be removed, additional tooth enamel can be exposed, and a smile can be made whiter, brighter, and bigger.

There are many potential causes for a gummy smile, from poorly erupted teeth to gum overgrowth to lip size. Sometimes it’s simply genetics that have you sporting a gummy smile. Knowing that your smile can be transformed dramatically and immediately with one procedure is exciting for patients who have been living with a smile that makes them feel self-conscious.

It’s all a matter of proportion with laser gum recontouring, and your Philadelphia dentist has the eye and experience to make the components of your smile work together in harmony with your other facial features for a natural, beautiful appearance.

Get Laser Dentistry from Your Philadelphia Restorative and Cosmetic Dentist

Patients with dental anxiety sometimes find comfort knowing their dentist is using laser dentistry to conduct their treatment. Lasers are generally quiet, which is a respite from sounds like the dental drill, and can make a complicated procedure seem less-invasive.

Laser dentistry are also an attractive treatment because they can accompany other dental procedures to create that beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. A gum lift plus Invisalign can shift the bite into the correct position and create a stunning smile makeover. Laser treatment plus porcelain veneers can produce a flawless smile in all ways.

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