Emergency Tooth Pain

in Philadelphia, PA

Tooth pain can be instantaneous and severe. Tooth pain can also build slowly until it becomes a constant, serious ache.

It doesn’t matter what category you fall into – we take all tooth pain seriously. At Dentistry for Life in Philadelphia emergency tooth pain is something that we know requires immediate care.

Causes of Emergency Tooth Pain

There are many possible reasons for tooth pain. Severe tooth pain may be caused by deep tooth decay that has gone untreated, resulting in an infection or abscess, but tooth pain does not only occur when decay or infection is present.

If you have suffered a blow to the mouth, whether from a hit, car accident, fall, or sporting injury and experience major tooth pain afterward, your tooth could be damaged.

Getting treatment for this problem immediately allows us to diagnose what’s going on so your tooth can be fixed. A toothache may also be a sign that something isn’t right with your cosmetic dentistry or restorative dentistry.

A porcelain tooth crown may have come loose, a filling could be damaged, or maybe you have used over-the-counter whitening products too much and developed a sensitivity that has led to tooth pain.

Clearly, there are many potential sources of tooth pain. Don’t let your discomfort go without immediate attention. We strive to provide you with the best emergency tooth pain treatments Philadelphia has to offer, so allow us to diagnose the cause of the problem– and correct it as soon as possible.

Emergency Tooth Pain Dentist Phildelphia

Treatment for Emergency Tooth Pain

Treatment for your tooth pain will depend on the reason for the tooth pain. Don’t try to diagnose yourself. It’s our job at Dentistry for Life to examine your teeth and mouth and discover the source of your discomfort.

Our exam usually includes x-rays to confirm a diagnosis, though sometimes we can see with our trained eyes exactly what the problem is. We accurately identify what’s going on with your teeth, then make recommendations about the next best course of treatment. In some situations, you may qualify for a few treatment options for an effective dental restoration.

Because tooth pain typically comes from below the surface, root canal therapy is a common solution to remedy the problem. Some dental conditions involve such debilitating pain that it interferes with daily life, and this problem could require tooth extraction.

Prevent Tooth Pain

If you have avoided seeing your Philadelphia dentist for too long, your mouth is far more susceptible to developing oral health problems. You may have a hairline crack in a tooth that you can’t see, but this seemingly insignificant detail is actually a big deal and could allow bacteria into your tooth, leading to decay and infection and tooth pain.

It’s important to see your dentist every six months for a dental cleaning and exam. We make sure your teeth and gums are healthy, clean, and strong. We want you to be free from decay and other oral health problems. We understand the nature of tooth pain – and you should never have to experience it thanks to gentle, proactive dental care.

Get Help for Your Tooth Pain Now in Philadelphia

Sooner is always better than later when it comes to treating emergency tooth pain. The longer you wait to get help, the worse the problem will get. This is guaranteed. Tooth pain does not go away on its own.

When you have pain in your teeth, it’s a sign that something is not right and, quite often, it’s something that’s happening within the crown of your tooth or deep down in the roots. You need a Philadelphia dentist to fix this emergency so you can be relieved of your pain.

Tooth pain may not seem like an emergency, or you may think of it as something that will eventually fade away. Don’t wait until your next dental appointment to get care. The longer you wait, the worse the pain will get, and the problem may even be bigger.

That means more extensive repairs will be necessary to undo the damage and eliminate your pain. If you are having a dental emergency right now, call us at: (215) 575-0550

Don’t fear the dentist – fear what could happen if you don’t get your tooth pain fixed. We offer sedation dentistry to give our patients the option to relax and get through their emergency treatments without anxiety. Contact Dentistry for Life in Philadelphia for immediate care for emergency tooth pain.

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