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Sedation Dentistry, A Way to Conquer Fear and Anxiety of the Dentist

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Conquering Fear and Anxiety at the Dentist With Sedation Dentistry

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The thought of sitting in the dentist's chair may not be everyone's favorite pastime. Dental phobia is one of the common fears experienced by people. Unfortunately, it causes people to neglect their oral health needs. Living with the fear of dental treatment, a person avoids dental visits. Any dental illness that is left untreated allows the problems to escalate over time, potentially creating some serious dental issues. For this reason, our Philadelphia dental office offers sedation dentistry which helps patients remain relaxed and calm during their dental appointments.

Why sedation?

At Dentistry for Life in Philadelphia sedation dentistry is used during treatment to relieve patients from anxiety and help them relax in the dentist's chair. The type of sedation administered for a particular treatment depends on the patient. Not all patients need sedation. Some of them may need a sedative for every treatment while few others may want it only for long procedures. For this reason, different types of sedatives are used in a practice. Sedatives are broadly classified as mild, moderate and deep sedatives, based on the strength of the agent and the patient's ability to respond to stimulation.

What is nitrous oxide?

While it's known colloquially as laughing gas, nitrous oxide doesn't actually make you laugh. Nitrous oxide has been used as a dental anesthetic since the mid-1800s. When inhaled, it helps patients achieve a relaxed state of mind.

How Nitrous Oxide Sedation Works

When undergoing nitrous oxide sedation, a patient simply wears a mask over their mouth and nose. They will be asked to breath normally. It will take a brief amount of time for nitrous oxide to take effect, but when it does, the dental treatment can progress with the patient feeling little to no worry.

We should note that while nitrous oxide is effective for basic relaxation and sedation needs, it is not in itself the best option for deep sedation or general anesthesia. For these needs, a different sedation method will need to be considered.

Is nitrous oxide sedation safe?

Yes, nitrous oxide sedation is safe. The face mask helps regulate the amount of nitrous oxide being delivered to the patient as he or she breathes. Philadelphia sedation dentist, Dr. Parikh, and his team of hygienists and assistants will also note the condition of the patient during treatment to ensure all is well. Patients will have a loved one with them to bring them to and from the practice to make sure that they are completely safe.

Prior to the dental visit, we will be sure to double-check the patient's medical record in case there are any potential allergies or contraindications to keep in mind.

There are a few key benefits to nitrous oxide sedation.

No needles necessary - An important consideration if people are made nervous by shots
Patients remain conscious - Since the level of sedation is not particularly deep, patients remain conscious and able to converse with the dental team if necessary
Easy to administer - There's no need for special prep or filling prescriptions; everything is in office
Side effects are brief and mild - Patients should be back to normal relatively soon after treatment

Is nitrous oxide sedation ideal for me?

It may be, but the best way to find out is to schedule a consultation with our team. This will give us more time to address your unique a situation with regard to dental anxiety and other matters that may necessitate sedation.

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