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How Bad Breath Diagnosis and Treatment Is Done?

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How Bad Breath Diagnosis and Treatment Will be Done?

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Bad breath is one of the serious oral problems, and can affect the social life and health of a person. It reduces a person's confidence to take part in social gatherings. The condition itself can be an indicator of serious dental or medical conditions. The food intake and oral health habits can be other crucial players in bad breath. It is important for people to be aware of good oral hygiene practices. Visiting a dentist at least once in 6 months for dental cleanings and check ups can help people maintain better oral health.

Bad Breath - Lifestyle, food habits and dental health

Bad breath (or halitosis) can be caused by several factors. A person's overall health, oral hygiene and food habits are few notable factors. Conditions like kidney disease, lung disease and respiratory tract infection are medical conditions that can lead to bad breath. Other oral conditions like dry mouth, which is caused by problems in salivary gland and gum diseases, can lead to bad breath. Improper or infrequent brushing and flossing habits increases the chances of dental infection and can give rise to a foul smell in the mouth.

Bad Breath Diagnosis and Treatment

The diagnosis and treatment for bad breath depends on the cause of the problem. Your Philadelphia dentist makes note of the medical history of the patient and symptoms. The type of odor may be an indicator of the root cause of the problem. The dentist thoroughly checks the oral health and through diagnosis, finds out if the problem is caused by a more serious medical condition like diabetes or kidney failure. The dentist refers the patient to other doctors if the condition is medical.

If poor oral hygiene, dry mouth or gum disease is found to be the root cause of bad breath the dentist takes necessary steps to see that the condition is treated. Patients are guided about the measures that should be taken to avoid the problem in the future. It is important for patients to be aware of good oral hygiene practices and maintain a healthy lifestyle to avoid the embarrassment of bad breath.

Don't just cover up bad breath. Prevent it.
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