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Are You A Good Candidate For Invisalign? If you want straight teeth, but you don’t want braces, there is an innovative smile solution that can give you what you want: Invisalign.

This orthodontic treatment is nearly impossible to see on the teeth and works quickly to align smiles. Invisalign is a revolutionary invention that has made straight teeth a reality for so many adults. Schedule your appointment with the certified Invisalign providers at Dentistry for Life in Philadelphia to find out if you are a good candidate for Invisalign.

Reasons People Pursue Invisalign

The debut of Invisalign changed the landscape of orthodontics forever, and this treatment works for so many people, including adults who missed the window for straightening their smile in adolescence, adults who had braces as teens but whose teeth moved back out of alignment because they abandoned their retainers, and teens who want to avoid being a "brace face."

Invisalign patient model smiling in a dental chair

There are many other reasons Invisalign patients pursue this orthodontic treatment:

  • Discretion: Don’t want anyone to know you’re wearing braces? Invisalign aligners are clear and super-thin so they fit snugly against the teeth, not drawing attention to themselves or your treatment.
  • Freedom: Want to eat whatever you want whenever you want? Invisalign is removed for all meals and snacks, so you don’t have any food restrictions like the wearers of conventional metal braces.
  • Lifestyle: Adults who are considering Invisalign are concerned about how this treatment could impact their career and personal life. The good news: It won’t. You can teach, consult, sell, talk, counsel, socialize, date, and more without anyone being the wiser about what’s going on with your teeth.
  • Efficiency: On average, Invisalign takes about a year to complete, sometimes longer and sometimes shorter depending on the patient. Metal braces typically take twice that long.
  • Comfort: There are no brackets or wires to snag your lips or cheeks when you wear Invisalign. The aligners are smooth and, other than causing some pressure at the start of wearing each new set of aligners, they are easy to wear.

Consultation for Invisalign

Age and station in life are not restrictions when it comes to Invisalign. If you want to find out whether this teeth straightening option can work for you, take the time to consult with us. At your consultation, you will undergo an exam to determine whether you are a good candidate. We will look at your teeth and bite and discuss how Invisalign may or may not work for your specific needs.

Invisalign technology includes a state-of-the-art 3D scanner that shows your smile as it is now and what it can become with the help of Invisalign. Should it be determined that you are a good candidate for these clear teeth aligners, your treatment will be designed from start to finish so your course of Invisalign trays goes smoothly and consistently and you get a straight smile as quickly as possible.

Problems Invisalign Can Correct

Every person’s oral health is unique, which is why Invisalign may be a better option for some people than others. In most cases, Invisalign can correct all the same problems as conventional metal braces, including:

  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Open bite
  • Gapped teeth
  • Crowded teeth

Even if you have been told by other dentist that metal braces are the only solution for your misalignment, it’s a good idea to consult an experienced Invisalign provider for a second opinion.

Don’t let anyone discourage you from aligning your smile. Invisalign not only corrects the alignment of your teeth so they look better, it makes them healthier. Straight teeth are easier to clean, which means they’re less likely to develop cavities or infections.

If you want Invisalign, pursue it. There is always a way to make your smile look, feel, and work better. Find out whether you’re a good candidate for Invisalign. Schedule your appointment at Dentistry for Life.

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