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Implant Overdentures

Implant overdentures eliminate the variables that exist with traditional dentures, making for a secure, strong, and attractive smile. At Dentistry for Life, we use the latest innovations in implant dentistry to create a customized smile makeover for you using implant overdentures. We can free you from dentures and give you the kind of smile you’ve always wanted.

Overdentures, Not Denturesimplant overdentures

Many patients with missing teeth consider dentures an inadequate tooth replacement solution. They don’t like how the dentures look or feel. The adhesive can be unreliable, and they may feel anxious about whether the dentures will stay in place when they’re eating or speaking.

Overdentures, however, are a different kind of dental restoration. There is still a denture involved, but implants are placed within the jaw to support the overdenture, making it more stable and allowing for effective chewing.

The overdenture is still a removable appliance that has prosthetic teeth, but the palate element of traditional dentures is eliminated. The appliance is shaped like a horseshoe, which means there is nothing to irritate the roof of your mouth or slip out of place. Not only is the overdenture more comfortable and stable, it allows for better speech and taste.

How Bone Loss Affects Overdentures

Dentures are an effective tooth-replacement option for patients who have not experienced significant bone loss. If you have been living with missing teeth for some time, however, the jawbone changes. The support for your mouth and face is greatly affected, changing the shape of your face and leading to a compressed look – and a horrible impact on self-esteem.

Even if you have dentures, this bone loss makes any denture less stable and necessitates new dentures because the old ones don’t fit properly any longer.

Dental implants help mitigate the bone loss that occurs when there are no natural teeth to stimulate the jawbone. Most important, of course, is for your implant dentist to carefully identify the volume of bone available – and its quality – to ensure that implants will be an effective solution for replacing missing teeth.

The size, shape, and type of dental implant varies, and your dentist will determine the best option for long-term success. Every patient is different, so the placement of implants will vary in angle and amount. There are weeks and sometimes months of healing time after implant surgery, but once your mouth is ready, a custom-designed overdenture will be put in place and you will have a stable, beautiful, natural-looking smile.

Benefits of an Implant Overdenture

Replacing missing teeth in any way is better than living without a mouth full of teeth, but an implant overdenture offers a life-changing amount of security and success for people who have long been living with missing teeth. Here are just some of the benefits of an implant overdenture:

• Increased confidence. If you have been living with missing teeth or uncomfortable dentures for too long, you are self-conscious. Emotionally, socially, and professionally, the replacement of missing teeth improves your quality of life because it improves your opinion of yourself.
• Easy eating. When teeth are absent, chewing effectively is almost impossible. When traditional dentures are in place, plastic on the palate can be uncomfortable, make it harder to taste food properly, and even make you gag. An overdenture eliminates these problems.
• Stability. Lower dentures can be loose-fitting, or at least feel that way, and if they do move about your mouth, this will impact how you speak and eat and make you wary of any potential social embarrassment. Overdentures are secure so you never have to worry about them moving where they shouldn’t.
• Improved appearance. Missing teeth can age you and make you look unhealthy or even incompetent. A mouth full of beautiful teeth will make you look better and younger. It’s hard to argue with the benefits of overdentures for this reason alone.

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