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If you’re embarrassed by your teeth every time you look in the mirror, if you feel like people are focusing on your teeth rather than on what you’re saying when you speak, if you’re just completely self-conscious about your smile, it’s time to think about a smile makeover.

You don’t have to tolerate teeth you don’t love. Thanks to the cosmetic dentistry treatments offered at our Dentistry for Life office in Center City, you can get the smile upgrade you’ve always wanted and look like a healthier, happier, younger, and more appealing version of yourself.

What Is a Smile Makeover?

The word “makeover” can be misleading. Getting a smile makeover doesn’t have to take a long time or be invasive. Every Center City dental patient is different, so your dental needs will be too. There is only one thing every smile makeover patient must have in common: good oral health. A cosmetic upgrade can’t happen until teeth and gums are strong and clean and your dentist has a solid foundation to build upon.

Our goal for any patient who undergoes a smile makeover is to give them a natural-looking, celeb-worthy smile. A smile makeover is for anyone, no matter your age, gender, profession, or demographic. Better teeth will transform your appearance, your confidence, and, therefore, your life.

The Most Popular Smile Makeover Procedures

Here are just some of the cosmetic dentistry treatments that can be included in a smile makeover:

  • Porcelain veneers: The most versatile cosmetic dentistry treatment there is, veneers can conceal just about every aesthetic problem you have. From discoloration to misalignment, chipped teeth to short teeth, veneers fix everything in one procedure. We meticulously design, craft, and bond super-thin shields of porcelain to your natural teeth and sculpt your new smile into something wonderful.
  • Teeth whitening: One of the biggest complaints our dental patients have is yellow teeth. They want a brighter smile that makes them look young and healthy. If you have the kind of tooth discoloration that can be blasted away by a teeth-whitening treatment, a professional whitening is the surest route to smile perfection.
  • Invisalign: If you’re willing to put in the time to achieve greatness, a round of Center City Invisalign will help you develop a fully aligned smile in just about a year. Combine this alignment method with a course of teeth whitening and you’ll have a powerful, long-lasting smile makeover.
  • Porcelain crowns: Porcelain crowns are a restorative and cosmetic dental treatment. They are placed over damaged teeth that have undergone root canal therapy, take the place of a filling, or conceal oddly shaped teeth. Customized to blend right in with your natural teeth, crowns are strong and durable.
  • Facial fillers: Fillers like Botox and Juvederm are powerful agents of anti-aging. If you spruce up your smile with cosmetic dentistry and complement it with a filler, think how much younger you will look with flawless teeth and fewer wrinkles and lines.
  • Tooth-colored fillings: If you have tooth decay or a damaged tooth and need a filling to fix it, we always make sure it’s a tooth-colored filling. No one should ever know you’ve had a filling done, thanks to the tooth-colored properties of composite fillings. Plus, white fillings are simply healthier for you than toxic silver fillings.
  • Dental bonding: One of the most non-invasive cosmetic dentistry treatments, dental bonding covers up pesky areas that just don’t look right and can mar your entire smile, like a discolored tooth, a chipped tooth, or a jagged tooth. And it only takes us about 30 minutes per tooth to get the job done effectively.

See Your Smile Makeover Before It’s Done

One of the great beauties of modern dentistry is the development of digital smile design. You don’t have to wonder how you’ll look with a straight, white, flawless smile. Sophisticated software allows us to show you your face with your new teeth – before we create them. If you weren’t convinced that a smile makeover was right for you in theory, seeing proof of what could be is pure motivation to get your new smile underway as soon as possible.

Find out what your smile makeover can look like. Contact Dentistry for Life in Center City to schedule your consultation.



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