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Ann B

My boyfriend cracked his tooth yesterday and I called this morning
(someone referred us, he was a new patient) and they came in just for us at 11 am and ended up having to do an emergency root canal. My boyfriend has alot of anxiety about dentists and they made him feel at ease and comfortable. Dr Patel and Dr Parikh were incredibly nice and accommodating. We are definitely going to come back!

As I was in the waiting room, I witnessed the entire conversation between this young woman (clearly Lonely Frequency) and the doctors, and I am completely baffled by how much she misconstrued the conversation. To say that anything had to do with race is ludicrous.

She came in being rude right off the bat, changed her story a couple times (first saying she needed an emergency procedure then leaving with an appt in a couple weeks by her request), and waited until she was behind her phone before saying anything about her experience. I was very impressed with the way both Dr Patel & Dr Parikh handled the situation. They answered every question she had and were trying to work with her schedule.They were insanely nice and tried to be accommodating, but she clearly was just trying to be difficult saying she had no time to come in.

Do not listen to her review! They were as nice as could be and did everything she asked!!

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Always great seeing @realronalddarby. Thanks for stopping by. Glad to have you part of the fam!

Life gets hectic, we know! Thanks for taking time to visit us on your off-day @calhounpresident #dentistryforlife @birdgang

Grand Slam @rhystothehoskins thanks for stopping by. Always a pleasure seeing you and J @milliondollarssmile #bigfella #grandslamhoskins

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