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I must be the most fortunate person on earth, thirty-two years ago I had the worst toothache of my life. My supervisor could see something was troubling me, once I was able to explain the cause of my extreme discomfort he immediately referred me to his Dentist. I called and was given an appointment within the hour. This was the day I met Dr. Dubin thus began the best relationship I’ve ever had with a Dentist. Through the decades he continued working and re-working his Dentistry mastery and on one of my visits he announced his retirement and introduced me to Dr. Patel, who he said was taking over his practice. Thus my relationship with Dr. Patel’s began; some of my teeth which had been saved earlier now needed total replacement. Dr. Patel & Dr. Parikh patiently proceeded where Dr. Dublin left off ensuring my periodontal care was as much of a priority as my new implants. Settling into two new Dentist was seamless & painless; they brought with them Dentistry’s latest care and technology. I was completely comfortable, relaxed and enjoyed their way of doing Dentistry. It wasn’t too much longer before a family decision to move their practice to Florida once again met a major change in Dentist. Lo & behold, who would believe Dr. Patel & Dr. Parikh are just as wonderful as Dr. Rostami & Dr. Osaka were. Totally professional, friendly, courteous and always happy & smiling. All my fears, worries and anticipation about Dentists are forever gone and I’ve never been so fortunate (through the years) to have had and currently have the best Dentists, receptionists, dental hygienists, dental staff (Rubin) & office manager (Le Ang). I highly recommend both Dentists and all of their services and I graciously offer my thanks to Dr. Patel for giving me back my smile…
Evelyn Winslow

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