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Dr. Parikh & Dr. Patel save my life!! lol not really but seriously. I had a fractured tooth that had a failed root canal and I had an appt to get it retreated on Friday. That Friday the endodontic specialist had canceled due to being sick. I didn’t have an appt again with him until over a week from then, I figured I’d tough it out and try to wait despite my tooth being super sensitive. I was on the phone with my mother Saturday morning and I hit my tooth while talking, usually, the pain would be quick but this time it would not stop! I was in agony at this point. I freaked out and called my general dentist to see if I could be seen that day but no one in my area was open. All the general dentist did was give me more antibiotics. I kept searching and searching for a dentist that would take me but still no success. I finally came across Dentistry for Life and I called hoping I could be seen, the few offices I called were open but the dentist wasn’t seeing patients. Dr. Patel answered and said they would give me a call back to let me know if I could be seen today. With my fingers crossed I waited for her to call back. She called me back within about 20 mins or sooner and said we could come in but had to be there before 1:30 since they closed @ 2 pm. We were on our way from Mays Landing NJ which is over 30 mins away from Philly. We got there past 1:30 and they waited for us. I walked into the office and the waiting area is beautiful. I felt very relaxed and comforted by them. They listened to all of my concerns and worries and even numbed me before doing the x-ray since I was afraid doing the x-ray would make my tooth hurt again. Dr. Parikh and Dr. Patel are both very knowledgeable and made me feel even more at ease once I was in the chair. I would definitely like for either one of them to be my new general dentist in the near future even though they a drive for me, I still wouldn’t mind. This was by far one of my better dental experiences. I can’t say enough good things about them!

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