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I have been suffering for years with unexplained bone lose in my jaw. No dentist (3) was able to understand or explain why this was happening. I have no gum disease and never have. Gum disease is usually the cause of bone lose. After relocating to Philadelphia last summer, I made my first appointment at Dentistry For Life. At my first appointment, after the dentist examined me and heard my story, she concluded my bone lose problem was due to intense clinching of the jaw. She suggested I get Botox injections in the jaw. This made total sense to me. Yes, I do clinch a lot, even during the day. And Botox was an obvious solution! I have never used Botox before. I have worked in the medical technology field for over 10 years. It was like a light came on when she suggested this treatment. So, I try it. It has worked amazingly! I am so please with the results and happy to be on the path back to a healthy smile again. Botox has many medical purposes besides beauty and my problem was a great example of it’s medical benefits.

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