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I think I was the most reluctant patient about getting Invisalign braces that I think Dr Patel encountered. I told her that I was generally a non-compliant dental patient and that I liked to “graze” all through the day. I also did not like ANY discomfort. In short, I doubted that Invisalign braces would work for me. I agreed to try it because of my teeth were so crowded that I was afraid that I would lose all my teeth because I was unable to keep them clean or floss. She finally convinced me to give it a try.

The first try what is a little bit weird but not so bad. I wasn’t crazy about having something in my mouth and I was with him a little bit but I figured if it was all like this that wasn’t problem.

When I had the buttons put on my cheese the races became a little bit tighter beyond I was not as comfortable. I called Dentistry for Life and Dr Patel told me to come in so that she could adjust them. She also told me that I should EVER be in pain and that I should always come in if I needed to have them adjusted.

I am now on tray number 10. And while I still feel them in my mouth and it doesn’t feel quite normal, I must say that I’m getting used to them and French I have found a way that works for me to live with them.

True to who I am, I still snack all day long although probably not as much as I used to, which has resulted in making better choices of what I eat and losing a little bit of weight which was an unexpected bonus. When I want to eat I just discreetly take the braces out of my mouth and stick them in my pocket (probably not the most sanitary methods but it works for me). When I am finished with my snack, I rinse my mouth out with water or brush my teeth if that’s possible but usually it’s not and put my braces back in until I want to snack again. I was saying my braces come in and out of my mouth probably 10-15 times a day. Do not usually out of my mouth very long and my teeth are moving as t hey are supposed to be or according to plan.

Although I can’t say that I absolutely love my braces, they’re certainly better than metal braces, I can live my life as I need to without a whole lot of inconvenience and is accomplishing my goals of being able to floss my teeth and maintain better dental hygiene.

If you’re having trouble with your braces or if you want to commiserate, complain, adk a question or rejoice, please feel free to ask Dr Patel for my phone number . Using that phone number is the best way to reach me by text. She also has my email address. Good luck to everyone and don’t let negative reviews scare you away.

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